Website copy

Your website is your shop window and first impressions count. These days, you’ve only got 7 seconds to make a good impression in today’s digital world.

That's worth repeating:

7 seconds!

That's obviously not long, so what are you going to do about it?

Your website copy will largely dictate the success of your website. Are you able to quickly convince a visitor that you're the best option for them?

Creating killer copy and developing a solid digital content strategy is tough, but you've come to the right place - we know how to do it.

The role of words on a website.

Let's keep things simple.

Website copy only has 2 jobs:

  1. To communicate with people.
  2. To communicate with search engines.

Connecting with your readers.

Splash Copywriters are experienced in writing website copy that’s persuasive, memorable and easy-to-read.

The stuff that you’ve got to say isn’t necessarily important. What your reader needs to see is.

Are you talking to your customers or at them?

Are you using too much jargon?

What tone of voice are you using?

How much do you know about your target audience?

Are the words presented well?

Are you making it really easy for people to buy from you?

We'll help you answer these questions and transform your business by giving it the kind of killer copy that converts and convinces.

Topping the search engine results.

We're SEO copywriters, so rest assured, we'll have an eye on the search engines too.

After all, what’s the point of creating an amazing website if no one’s ever going to see it?

We'll work out the best keywords to target and offer transparent, jargon-free SEO advice.

Website analytics.

Of course, we wouldn't be a modern copywriting agency if we didn't care about analytics.

It's vital that businesses monitor how well certain web pages are performing, especially landing pages and product pages.

Nowadays, if you don't look closely at the behaviour of your target audience, you'll struggle.

Brands need to know how people are interacting with their pages, how engaged they are, when they're visiting a website, when they're leaving and, most importantly, whether they're converting into customers.

Do we just need to squeeze some more efficiency out of a handful of web pages, or are we looking at more of an overhaul?

Knowing what to do requires specialist expertise. 

But that's where Splash Copywriters can help. Call us today.


Client testimonial.

Evermore Global, London

Matt totally grasped the direction I wanted to go in.

He got what I wanted to achieve when writing my copy and coming up with the tone of voice for our website.

I'm very happy with the finished article and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a good copywriter.


Client testimonial.

The Bowes-Lyon Partnership, London

Within a matter of days of contacting Matt, we had talked through our requirements, discussed the tone to be used on our website and we had fresh new copy before the week was out.

We were very pleased with the quick and efficient service.

Moreover, we were delighted with the copy. Matt also created engaging metadata for all the website content in our CMS.