Vicki Press

Freelance copywriter Vicki PressVicki Press worked for Sky in various copywriting roles for 8 years, specialising in writing marketing and PR copy for Sky Movies, Sky One, Sky News and documentary channels such as Nat Geo and The History Channel. 

Copywriting at Three.

She took her pen and paper from Brentford to Maidenhead when taking the copywriting hotseat at Three in 2008.

There, she helped develop the tone of voice that was to be crucial in Three’s emergence and success at the forefront of the UK mobile phone market.

Her role at Splash Copywriters.

Vicki is definitely the branding expert at Splash Copywriters.

At Sky she was able to truly understand the positioning of each channel – her words always hit home with the different demographics for the various TV genres.

When writing the short synopses that appear on each TV in every Sky subscriber’s home [all 11 million of them], she always connected with the viewer, found the hook and got them watching.

Vicki's spare time.

Vicki does sometimes take a break from transforming businesses though. She spends her spare time singing, reading and running, although not at the same time.

Vicki loves spending time with her family, while her creativity isn't just limited to marketing - she’s also a very talented artist.