Corporate branding: how to create a lasting, memorable style for your business website.

  Written by Matt Press

 Last updated: Jan 17, 2017


Are your ears burning?

Because anyone who’s looked at your website has already formed an opinion about your business.

You might be causing a stir…

… or a riot.

It's surprising. And a bit weird.

That you’ve already got a brand, whether you like it or not.

Whether you’ve thought about it or not.

So... the real question is, have you considered how your business website looks and feels to your market?

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Art marketing: what can businesses learn from those who sell scribbles for squillions?

  Written by Matt Press

 Last updated: Dec 13, 2016


If you’re involved in marketing in some way, you must have come across a cliché or two in your time. What about this one:

Don’t try to create demand for something.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

When we want to sell a product or service, we must make sure that we’re offering something that our target audience actually wants.

Otherwise we’re taking a huge risk.


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159 types of marketing described, demystified and debunked.

  Written by Matt Press

 Last updated: Dec 20, 2016


Has it ever occurred to you quite how many types of marketing there are?

It’s astonishing.

Just enter the term “marketing” into Google and you’ll see loads of different strategies.

So, when it comes to marketing your business, you have a lot of options to choose from.

That’s why I decided to put together a list of all the different types of marketing tactics you could try.

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