How we work

Companies can hire us to provide content services for a set period of time. We can sign an NDA and we're happy to work onsite or remotely.


If you need us to work on a standalone project, we can give price estimates and brief proposals for free.

If the work is very large or complex, we may ask for 50% of the fee upfront. The remainder of the payment can be settled upon completion.


For individual jobs, a set number of potential rounds of revisions will be agreed before any work begins.

Extra work

We reserve the right to make additional charges in some situations. For example:

  • Changes:
    We may charge extra for iterations that substantively change an agreed structure or running order.
  • Resubmissions: 
    The charge for editing supplied text may be re-applied if you supply a new version that supersedes a version previously understood to be final.
  • Unused/deleted material: 
    No cost reduction is applicable in the event that you delete or decide not to use text that we've previously agreed to create.


If we agree on a timeline, we can't be held responsible for any delays caused by the client. If a deadline is missed, it may not be possible to meet the next one.

Dates and timings might be affected by weekends, Bank Holidays, planned leave and other work commitments.

Purchase orders

Before beginning work on your project we may require a purchase order of some kind from you. This can be a formal document if your organisation uses them, or simply an email confirming the scope of the work and fee.


VAT will be charged at 20% if you're in the UK. If you're in the EU, VAT won't be charged, but we'll need to know your VAT number for tax purposes.


On completion of the work we will submit an invoice to you for the agreed amount. We won't submit an invoice that differs from our estimate without prior agreement.

On larger projects we may request the right to invoice monthly, or at agreed project milestones.

Our terms for payment of invoices are 30 days from date of invoice.

Copyright and imprint

Copyright in content produced on your behalf will pass to you on payment of your invoice.

You accept all responsibility for any copyright issues arising from the publication of content produced by us that summarises, rephrases or otherwise refers to third-party sources at your request, and as part of the agreed assignment.

Fair dealing

Notwithstanding the above, unless explicitly agreed otherwise or explicitly requested by you [for example, through a non-disclosure agreement], by commissioning us you give us permission to:

  • refer to you on our website and elsewhere as a client
  • describe the work we have done for you on our website and elsewhere
  • quote the text we have written for you on our website and elsewhere
  • include representations of any designs produced as part of the work on our site.


Although we'll make every effort to avoid errors, omissions, misrepresentations, inaccurate implications and other inaccuracies in the content we produce for you, the final responsibility for published material remains with you.

We cannot accept responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss or damage, whether material, financial, commercial or reputational, that you incur as a result of your choosing to publish materials that we have worked on.