The Stealth Marketing System.

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Would you like more customers?

Would you like a simple system that'll regularly generate potential leads for your business every single month?

Do you want an easy marketing strategy that you can execute yourself at zero cost?

Thought so.

Well... you've come to the right place.

And guess what?

Our Stealth Marketing System saves you time too, since it takes care of all your SEO, social media, content marketing and PR jobs in one hit.

Hey there.

My name's Matt and I'm the founder of Splash Copywriters.

I've got a proven track record of delivering SEO and content marketing services to some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone...

... and I've created a simple marketing system that can super-charge the growth of any business in any niche.

You don't need to have any marketing experience.

Nor any technical knowledge.

It doesn't require any money.

In fact, all you need is a website.

I created this system because I'm a business owner myself and I found the first few years tough.

The constant need to source new customers was stressful and draining.

I craved a marketing strategy that brought customers to ME.

As a result, I learnt all about the power of SEO.

Basically, it just made sense. Everyone has a gadget. And we're searching for stuff on the internet all the time. 

Somewhere in the world, someone is searching for a keyword that's related to your business right now.

And if you're not on page one, a rival is taking any revenue that's up for grabs.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is actually very simple...

... when you know the truth.

What's more, a solid SEO strategy can take care of all your social media, content marketing and PR jobs too. Which means more free time to spend doing something more worthwhile.

My Stealth Marketing System is about taking a website to the top of the search rankings by creating a piece of content that targets a certain keyword.

And, if website content is presented in the right format, it can generate HUGE numbers of social media shares and position a brand as a market leader.

Ultimately, this is clever content marketing that achieves digital visibility for a business.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, customers have never been so accessible.

And with my Stealth Marketing System, you'll be able to turn your website into a powerful, reliable traffic magnet that constantly generates leads and sales.

It's going to mean stability for your business.

It's going to mean maintaining a long-term competitive edge over your rivals.

It's going to mean constant growth, all day, every day.

It's going to mean making money while you sleep. 

Why do most businesses struggle with lead generation?

Usually, business owners fail to constantly generate revenue because of one of the following reasons:

  1. No marketing experience.
  2. Too many jobs.
  3. A lack of time and money.

But with my Stealth Marketing System, none of these things are going to be an issue.

You're going to get a simple process to follow that can get results quickly... and at zero cost. 

Guess what? I've been exactly where you are.

When I created Splash Copywriters, I faced the same challenges that you're facing now.

And my company is proof that this approach works.

So, how does my system work?

Well, the Stealth Marketing System focuses on ranking blog posts, because when it comes to ranking web pages, Google only really cares about 2 things:

Content and authority. 

And this approach is extremely effective.

Let me illustrate with an example.

Our innovative keyword research process unearthed an interesting keyword that gets 140 searches every month in the UK:

Not only that, but we identified that the keyword seemed fairly easy to rank for.

We wrote a blog post on the topic that was extremely popular on social media:



By the way, we're quite proud of that, since research shows that 50% of online content gets a measly 8 shares or less.

And, before the month was out, we were ranking in second place on page one of Google in the UK:



We were even ranking above a couple of big websites with huge marketing resources, such as The Financial Times and the Content Marketing Institute.

So that's a page one ranking, viral content and huge brand awareness...

... all in under 4 weeks.

And at zero cost.

We're now in prime position to receive 140 potential new leads every month.

People who are interested in this topic.

Over the course of year, that's 1,680 potential leads.

Don't forget that those numbers are pretty conservative too, since I'm not including traffic from social media.

And all this from publishing just one blog post.

[One that'll never expire, I should add.]

Imagine achieving these results multiple times...

We have.

That's exactly why we're enjoying huge growth.

Our clients have seen these kinds of results numerous times.

Meet Hema Patel [middle], the Managing Director of Only Red:



She got in contact with me just as she was about to launch her new website and said that she needed website traffic.

I told her about my system.

She was concerned whether a lack of history with a fresh site would impact my system's ability to get her to page one, but I told her that Google couldn't care less about how old a website is.

[It's just one of many popular lies about SEO that populate the internet.]

It only cares about the relevancy and usefulness of content.

She trusted me... and my system.

And I created a piece of content that took her new site to page one in just 7 weeks.

Here's what she had to say:

Matt has a flair for writing and has transformed our business - he is a man of his word [and he has the right words too].

Matt was totally in sync with our way of thinking and understood exactly what we wanted and how to achieve it.

I'm so glad that I stumbled across his site which was, of course, from seeing him on page one Google.

This system works and I'm sure it'll work for anyone.

My Stealth Marketing System will help you too.

Do you want to create an article that can zoom straight to the top of page one and generate huge amounts of social shares FAST?

You can.

All with just a simple process.

A process that you can use over and over again.

Our innovative and effective marketing system can transform any business in any market.

High-ranking blog posts will boost all your web pages.

The Stealth Marketing System is based purely on logic.

Because Google loves content, it's far easier to get blog posts to rank highly in search results than it is for more commercial web pages, such as home pages, product pages or service pages.

That's the key point about digital marketing that most people don't realise.

However, with the Stealth Marketing System, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

When you have success with our strategy, this will have a knock-on effect.

You see, when an article does well, it earns authority with Google.

The authority that you earn doesn't just stick with that one web page; it gets dispersed throughout your website.

So, over time, your home page and any product or service pages will benefit too.

It's a key reason why our home page right at the top of page one in the UK for the term "copywriters":


That's a keyword that gets searched for 320 times a month in the UK:


That generates lots of regular leads for us.

So with our SEO strategy, ultimately, you're getting the best of both worlds.

Remember: this system isn't just about pure SEO.

That is to say, you'll get more than just a good ranking position. 

It'll also help you create amazing content that attracts huge numbers of social media shares and increase engagement with consumers.

In turn, this will improve your brand image and enhance the perception of your business.

Stealth Marketing System content generates massive amounts of social media shares:


Posts that really engage with your audience:

The system will enhance your brand so that you're a hit on social media:



And you'll no doubt impress the influencers in your market:


And, of course, the system will help you attract huge volumes of traffic to your website:

Which means more leads...

... more customers and, ultimately, more profit.

Which is what it's all about, right?

We've taken control of where Splash Copywriters is heading...
.. are you ready to do the same?

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