Social media

Having an interesting and active social media presence is vital in today's world.

It's important from an SEO point of view because search engines value social media profiles.

It's also crucial from a consumer's perspective too, because people search for businesses and engage with brands on social media more than ever before.

So, the big question is:

How do you engage with the majority of your visitors and manage that relationship until they're ready to become paying customers?

The answer lies in focusing on content marketing. You must create quality content that attracts, engages, informs, persuades and converts.

The importance of social media.

We probably don’t have to tell you how a thriving social media presence is essential for your business.

Your audience is likely to be on social media every single day.

And your competitors are probably going after them.

But there are two big, legitimate problems with social media for business:

1. It’s time consuming.

2. Everyone’s doing it, so how can you stand out?

But that’s where a content marketing agency like ours comes in.

We can handle the job in way that's cost-effective for you. There's no need to be on social media 24/7. We can help you streamline your strategy.

And as far as being different is concerned, we're creative copywriters. There’s a knack for engaging an audience that's often too busy to listen, so you're going to need an innovative approach.

Get social media right and it’s a game-changer. Thanks to modern technology, customers have never been so accessible.

Are you ready to stop leaving profit on the table?

Hire Splash Copywriters to cut through the clutter.

We can create fresh content that will transform your brand and entertain the digital generation. 

Look, we understand that social media can be overwhelming, but we can manage everything for you. We can even set up your profiles and design your artwork.


Client testimonial.

Social Media First, Tunbridge Wells

I'm using Matt to help me create content for the Social Media First blog and I'm extremely happy with his services.

His copy is succinct, informative and engaging, plus he always meets our deadlines.