SEO: how to reach page one.

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Are you struggling to understand SEO?

Would you like a simple SEO system that'll take you to the top of Google... FAST?

Do you want an easy approach that you can do yourself at zero cost?

Want to know how to do keyword research so that you can overtake your competitors?

Would you like to create amazing content that not only ranks highly in searches,
but also gets loads of likes, tweets, shares and comments?

Thought so.

Well... you've come to the right place.

Hey there.

My name's Matt and I'm the founder of Splash Copywriters.

We've got a proven track record of delivering SEO and content marketing services to some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone...

... and we've created a simple SEO guide that walks you through exactly what's required to hit page one of Google.

And we know what being on page one means, don't we?

It means your website turning into a powerful, reliable traffic magnet that constantly generates leads and sales.

It means stability for your business.

It means maintaining a long-term competitive edge over your rivals.

It means constant growth, all day, every day.

It means making money while you sleep. 

Why do people struggle with SEO?

Usually, people fail with SEO due to one of the following reasons:

  1. A lack of experience.
  2. A lack of time.
  3. A lack of money.

But with our SEO guide, you don't have to worry about ANY of these things.

None of them are necessary.

Our ebook will show you how to conquer SEO quickly.

At no cost.

And with no expertise.


Here's a taste of what we reveal in our SEO book...

Getting started with SEO.

  • Grasp the true power and value of SEO.
  • Learn how Google actually works.
  • Discover the 2 things that Google craves more than anything else.

Understanding SEO.

  • Learn how SEO is only really about doing this one special thing well.
  • See why you don't need technical knowledge to hit page one.
  • Find out why you don't need a flashy website to top the SERPs.

Keyword research.

  • Understand the type of keyword that you should be targeting.
  • Locate the keywords that get loads of searches and are easy to rank for.
  • Discover the most lucrative keywords for you.

Ranking above your competitors.

  • Discover the secret keywords that your competitors are ranking for.
  • Learn how to quickly jump ahead of your rivals in the search positions.
  • Understand how SEO can give you a long-term competitive advantage.

Creating amazing content.

  • Find out how to continually come up with blog ideas that your audience loves.
  • See how to write amazing copy like a marketing pro.
  • Learn to generate 1,000s of likes, tweets and social media shares.

Plus... the SEO secrets that no one talks about.

  • Discover how to optimise any web page for SEO in under 15 minutes.
  • Learn one amazing SEO trick that 99% of SEO pros don't know about.
  • Find out why our strategy will help every page on your website.

And there's plenty more; all this just scratches the surface.


SEO can seem complicated and overwhelming.

Believe me, I totally understand.
As a business owner myself, before I studied SEO, I suffered too. 

From keyword research through to analysing your competition, from creating content to understanding how Google works, it all seems like too much.

It's tough. Learning SEO can make you want to sit down and cry.

All the convoluted strategies online leave you with more questions than answers.

Similarly, the SEO courses out there don't deliver a step-by-step approach. They just won't illustrate PRECISELY what's needed to take your website to page one.

[Until now, of course.]

And to make matters worse, you can't offload the problem, because outsourcing your SEO isn't the answer either.

SEO agencies are pretty hit and miss.

Most of them will gobble up your budget and provide an unreliable service that you can neither quantify nor understand. And the good agencies know the value of SEO and charge a fortune for what they do.

Meanwhile, nothing changes.

You still have a BIG problem:

You still have to constantly find new customers, which can be incredibly stressful and draining.

Nope, honestly - I feel your pain.

And to make things worse, other people don't seem to have any SEO issues.

I bet your competitors make it look so easy, don't they? Like they know all these secret SEO tactics...

But you're probably wrong.

Most people don't know what they're doing.

The majority of businesses ignore SEO.

And of those that do have an SEO strategy, most don't have an optimal one. If they're on page one, it's probably luck. So you've got a golden opportunity.

Guess what? We've been exactly where you are.

When I created Splash Copywriters, although I didn't appreciated what a good SEO strategy looked like, I nevertheless knew that SEO success was crucial to the long-term health of our business.

I understood that SEO can deliver customers to your website 24/7 and I desperately wanted that kind of sales stability.

As I'm sure you know, the hardest thing in business is constantly finding new leads, but SEO does exactly that. And it does it in the background, leaving you free to do what you want.

So, because SEO is so important...

... and because no one else seemed able to help us...

... we took matters into our own hands.

Whilst my wife Vicki very kindly handled all the day-to-day work, I absorbed myself with all things SEO.

I spent a long time wrapping my head around what you need to do in order to conquer SEO.

I studied SEO extensively.

[Actually, I still do.]

Through blood, sweat and tears, I tried and tested just about every SEO tactic and strategy out there...

... and I discovered what works and what doesn't.

More importantly, perhaps, I discovered why some SEO techniques are effective and why the majority are a complete waste of time, money and effort.

So we don't come from an SEO background, but funnily enough, I think that's probably our biggest strength.

We know what it's like to feel that you're being kept in the dark and limited to scratching around for half-baked solutions.

We had to understand SEO properly in order to survive and couldn't risk misunderstanding anything.

The truth about SEO may shock you.

The more I learnt about SEO, the more I realised that there was a simple and logical process that anyone could follow, regardless of experience and skill.

A process that could be executed at zero cost and one that gets results quickly.

I began to piece together the information in an easy-to-follow manner and...

... our ebook holds your hand through every step of that process.

We're proof that our approach works.

Trust me, we don't have a technical background [and never will do].

Far from it, in fact.

[We're copywriters, remember?]

And we don't have a huge marketing budget, which is why I made sure that our SEO strategy didn't cost a dime to execute.

Yet we achieve amazing results again and again.

Our SEO strategy can take you to page one very quickly.

We do things a little differently to most SEO agencies...

... we focus on ranking blog posts.

It's extremely effective. Let me illustrate with an example.

Our innovative keyword research process unearthed an interesting keyword that gets 140 searches every month in the UK:

Not only that, but we identified that the keyword seemed fairly easy to rank for.

We wrote a blog post on the topic that was extremely popular on social media:



By the way, we're quite proud of that, since research shows that 50% of online content gets a measly 8 shares or less.

And, before the month was out, we were ranking in second place on page one of Google in the UK:



We were even ranking above a couple of big websites with huge marketing resources, such as The Financial Times and the Content Marketing Institute.

So that's a page one ranking, viral content and huge brand awareness...

... all in under 4 weeks.

And at zero cost.

We're now in prime position to receive 140 potential new leads every month.

People who are interested in this topic.

Over the course of year, that's 1,680 potential leads.

Don't forget that those numbers are pretty conservative too, since I'm not including traffic from social media.

And all this from publishing just one blog post.

[One that'll never expire, I should add.]

Imagine achieving these results multiple times...

We have.

And that's exactly why we're enjoying huge growth.

Our SEO ebook will show you exactly how to create a blog post like this.

An article that can generate huge amounts of social shares and zoom straight to the top of page one.

All via our simple process.

A process that you can use over and over again.

Our innovative and effective SEO guide can transform any business in any market.

High-ranking blog posts will boost all your web pages.

You might be wondering why we focus on blog posts.

Well, we explain this concept in more detail in the book, but it's far easier to get blog posts to rank highly in search results than it is for home pages, product pages or service pages.

[Hint: because Google only really cares about content.]

Fact is, most SEOs make the mistake of ignoring or underusing the power of writing online articles and tactically promoting them.

Instead, they choose to focus on other tactics. Ones that are harder to deliver what Google wants.

However, it's ironic. With our approach, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

When you have success with our strategy, this will have a knock-on effect.

You see, when an article does well, it earns authority with Google.

The authority that you earn doesn't just stick with that one web page; it gets dispersed throughout your website.

So, over time, your home page and any product or service pages will benefit too.

It's a key reason why our home page right at the top of page one in the UK for the term "copywriters":


That's a keyword that gets searched for 320 times a month in the UK:


That generates lots of regular leads for us.

So with our SEO strategy, ultimately, you're getting the best of both worlds.

And the news just gets better: this book will deliver more than just page one rankings.

Our SEO guide isn't just about pure SEO.

That is to say, you'll get more than just a good ranking position. 

Google craves brilliant content, so our ebook will also show you how to create amazing content that attracts huge numbers of social media shares and increase engagement with consumers.

In turn, this will improve your brand image and enhance the perception of your business.

And who better to learn from than copywriters with a strong portfolio of high-profile content?

Obviously our SEO guide is geared towards teaching you how to get your website on page one. But it's worth recapping the other benefits. In addition, you're also going to understand:

How to create viral content that generates massive amounts of social media shares:


How to create posts that engage with your audience:

How to enhance your brand so that you're a hit on social media:


How to impress the influencers in your market:


How to attract huge volumes of traffic to your website:

Not to mention leads:

Is this SEO guide right for you?

Quite simply, our ebook is perfect for you if you want to understand how to reach page one.

You're going to love our guide if:

  • You're completely confused about SEO and don't know where to start.
  • You're overwhelmed with all the SEO jobs you apparently need to do.
  • You're fed up of reading complicated guides online.
  • You'd like to know how to do proper keyword research.
  • You're new to SEO and don't know anything.
  • You want an SEO formula that you can stick with and master.
  • You'd like to steal business from your rivals.
  • You want your website on page one but you're short on time and money.
  • You've tried SEO techniques on your website and nothing's working
  • You'd like your services and products to be visible to your customers.
  • You've taken SEO courses that haven't delivered what you need.
  • You're fed up of not getting any enquiries via your site.
  • Outsourcing your SEO just isn't an option.
  • You'd like to create amazing, viral content that attracts 1000s of social shares.
  • You'd like to maximise traffic, leads and sales on your website.
  • You'd like to grow your business and free up more of you're time.

However, this SEO ebook isn't for you if...

... you're looking for some sort of get rich quick scheme.

Our approach to SEO is simple and it's effective, but you're still going to need an element of effort and application. Page one rankings don't happen by magic.

As easy as the process is to follow and understand, we're talking about getting access to a cutting edge content marketing strategy here.

The likelihood is that you'll be developing some new skills that may take some time to practice and refine.

How much does our SEO guide cost?

Currently, you can buy our ebook for just $197.

That's right. We're handing over our entire SEO strategy for peanuts.

68 pages of insight that's been formed from years of dedication.

[Oh and if we ever update any of the information in our book, you'll be entitled to the latest version for free.]

My aim for this guide was for it to be the definitive go-to SEO book for as many people as possible. 

I'm confident that it's going to be the only SEO book you'll ever need, but it's worth pointing out that it nevertheless comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

We're really confident that you'll love our book, but if for some reason you're not happy, you can get a full refund. No hassle, no worries.

Order the book, read it and consider it to be yours. And if you're not impressed after 30 days, we'll give you all your cash back. No questions asked.

We believe in eliminating guesswork.

SEO is all about combining creativity with cold, hard data. 

We can show you how to do it.

We're copywriters, so we don't do jargon.

We're all about results. We're a small business that is growing fast thanks to our SEO knowledge.

And, chances are, you're just like us. You're probably own or work for a company that needs online visibility. There's no escaping that fact.

That's why we only cover the SEO topics that truly matter. 

Until now, simple SEO advice has been hard to find.

But, regardless of whether the issue has been time, money or knowledge, your worries are over.

Help has finally arrived.

At a cost of just $197.

That's $197 to change your website, your business and maybe your life.

We've taken control of where Splash Copywriters is heading...
.. are you ready to do the same?

SEO: how to reach page one


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