SEO Course

Do you need more sales? We offer an SEO course to help businesses reach page one of Google and consistently generate more traffic, leads and customers.

You'll learn:

  • Secret 1: Why SEO is extremely valuable and a marketing tactic that simply can't be ignored.

  • Secret 2: How SEO is actually quite easy and something that anyone can do, as and when.

  • Secret 3: That SEO will help you overtake your rivals and give you a long-term competitive edge.

And the best bit about our course?

It's bespoke. We'll tailor it to suit your needs and your industry. So actually, it's quite collaborative.

Really, it's more of an SEO workshop.

It'll bring you up to speed with what's working today and give you a personal action plan.

How does the SEO course work?

Everything's laid on a plate.

The only choice you've got is whether to take our SEO course remotely on your own terms, or whether you'd prefer us to present it face-to-face.

Option 1: 

We'll come to your office and deliver a 2-day SEO workshop.

The first day is an intense SEO training course and will give real simple clarity to search engine optimisation.

That's the background stuff and no stone is left unturned.

Day two begins with us revealing our killer SEO process, step-by-step. This is your chance to see first-hand how we take brand new websites to the top of Google fast.

We help businesses crush their competition and dominate their niche. And we'll show you exactly how.

After that, it's all about you. We'll take our process and adapt it together, for you.

Option 2: 

You take our SEO course in your own time.

Obviously this option uses the same materials, but you can study them in your own time.

Either way, you'll still get the same attention and support. 

You study the course content, then we'll have a couple of calls where we'll answer any questions and develop a plan for your company.

Why do businesses need SEO?

Because practically everyone uses the internet to look stuff up. As we say here, a whopping 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine.

The way consumers find, research and choose products or services has changed dramatically over the years and  keywords are being searched for all the time.

That's great, but all the action is on page one. As such, the real estate in the first few results is highly coveted and extremely valuable.

This value is further accentuated by the fact that some keywords generate ads, so space is more limited.

Talking of which...

Many businesses choose to focus on PPC ads rather than SEO, but this is a huge, short-sighted error.

Paid advertising campaigns [essentially Google AdWords and Facebook ads] are fast to deploy and can often deliver results straight out the gate.

However, you're never in control of what's going on.

If you're lucky enough to get insane results, then competitors will catch on and copy. In turn, that'll drive up your advertising costs.

Ultimately, you're only ever leasing visibility; everything's temporary and unstable.

By contrast, whilst it takes longer to reach page one than it does to execute a PPC campaign, SEO costs nothing and the results are usually long-lasting.

Moreover, all the marketing assets that are ranking are totally owned by you and you're in full control of what's going on.

The benefits of SEO increase over time.

Search engine optimisation is an essential digital marketing tactic that you shouldn't ignore. If you do, then at best, you'll leave revenue on the table for your competitors to gobble up.

At worst, your business will stagnate and possibly die.

And given that SEO is probably the most cost-effective way of increasing profits, you'd be mad to overlook it.

But there's something else:

There's a compounding effect to SEO.

On-page optimisation can last a lifetime, while quality content has the ability to generate social shares and authority long after you've put in the hard work and hit 'publish'.

Imagine that... a web page that can generate traffic and leads on autopilot.

We think that our SEO course is one of the best SEO courses in the UK. It's advanced and sophisticated, yet simple and easy-to-follow.

Are you ready to transform your business?

Get it touch with us today and either book in your SEO workshop or begin our SEO course.

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