What’s the point of designing an amazing website, crafting persuasive copy or creating stellar content if no one’s ever going to see it?


Do you need more customers?

Does your website attract much traffic?

Are you struggling to continually find new leads?

Would you like your company to make more money?

Do you ever worry about where your business will be 5 years' time?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, Splash Copywriters can help you.

Maybe you already know the value of SEO, but you're fed up of SEO tactics that just won't work?

Or maybe you're tired of hearing SEO jargon and confusing, conflicting SEO strategies.

Well, we can help you too.

Our approach to SEO.

Ultimately, our strategy is all about clever content marketing.

Let us explain...

We have a unique, yet highly logical take on SEO - we work on getting blog posts to rank highly.

That's because, unlike other types of web pages, they're best suited to delivering exactly what Google craves: great content and authoritative backlinks.

We focus on creating amazing blog posts, and then generating shares and backlinks through different promotion techniques.

And basically, we do this because it makes sense. 

Who is going to promote, share or link to your homepage or one of your product or service pages?


No one.

[No one that's worth bothering with, anyway.]

But a blog post... well, that's different.

After all we can work on something that's related to your business, but not directly selling anything. 

We can tell a story, discuss an industry issue or solve a problem. And that will be of interest to a lot of people.

The key to success is preparation and execution. 

Yes, some technical things matter. That's why we'll perform a quick SEO audit of your site to make sure that everything's tickety-boo.

But really, our strategy is all about the 2 most important ranking factors: content and backlinks.

And our content is the right content. It's content that combines creativity, data, popularity and authority.

Our advanced content marketing and SEO process.

The first step involves using a range of clever tools and techniques to profile your business, your competitors, your market and your audience.

This eliminates much of the guesswork that most businesses face.

Then we'll identify the topics that are trending in your industry.

Next comes the keyword research - we'll find a commercially valuable keyword for us to frame the content around.

We'll then create an amazing blog post that's fully optimised for SEO and will sit on your site in one of our tried and tested content frameworks.

Then we'll promote the piece to get the social shares and backlinks. 

Why is content promotion so important?

Failing to promote a blog post is a terrible error.

It's fine if you're a huge, influential brand. For these guys, their fans are so loyal that some people will share their content without even reading it.

But what about the rest of us?

We've got to push every piece of content really hard.

We treat every blog post like a massive book launch.

Content promotion is a hard slog. But that's why most people don't do it and why most blog posts don't get any traction whatsoever.

Here's an astonishing stat:

Moz and Buzzsumo analysed 1 million digital articles and found that half of them generated under 8 shares.

That sort of reception isn't going to do anything for you.

Getting any sort of meaningful result without content promotion requires a miracle.

However, look at some of the posts on our blog.

This post has earned over 21,000 shares.

This one has earned over 17,000 shares.

This one reached page one for the targeted keyword in under 4 weeks.

We could go on, but both the articles above are great examples of how it's possible to have huge surges in website traffic, fresh leads and new business opportunities from a single blog post.

Our stance on SEO.

Splash Copywriters believe that an SEO service should provide two things:

Transparency and value.

We know that the world of SEO can sometimes be a cloudy and confusing one.

Worse still, many SEO agencies and so-called SEO experts are using outdated SEO techniques that will deliver little and burn through your budget.

Getting tangible details out of these kinds of agencies is like getting blood out of a stone.

They're often doing one or more of the following:

  • they're using strategies that are the complete opposite of what they should be using.
  • they're using black hat techniques that they shouldn't be (and putting your brand at risk).
  • they're working on home pages or product pages that don't (or can't) create any buzz or excitement.
  • they tie you in to a long-term commitment, but use tired tactics that only deliver unsustainable short-term results.

And they often charge a fortune for doing any of the above, which you'll know if you've ever asked for a quote from one of them.

We offer an alternative solution that gets real results. 

The ethos behind the Splash Copywriters SEO service.

We do SEO very differently to most SEO companies.

We make no apologies for repeating that good SEO today is generally just about 2 things: great content and quality backlinks.

That's why we focus on blog posts - if a post has content that's good enough, it's easier to generate backlinks.

It's why we combine effective copywriting with content marketing and PR in order to create popular pages that rank well and pull in consumers.

For some people, this might mean forgetting everything you've ever read about SEO.

[Yup, we said everything!]

SEO is simpler than you might think.

Stop looking at SEO through the eyes of your home page.

Don't worry about how much you tweet.

Or the time of day you do it.

Don't fret about blogging every day.

Stop aimlessly churning out posts, hoping that something sticks and 'goes viral'.

Don't be concerned about on submitting your URL to most of the directories out there.

And don't bother with heading to any article submission sites.

The truth is, in most circumstances, these tactics make such little difference to search results that they're often a complete waste of time.

Some of them are even dangerous for your business.

SEO myths.

We hear all the time about the need to keep your site updated with fresh content to rank highly.

Actually, that's not really true. Google doesn't care how often you update your site. If they did, you'd be seeing these article submission sites showing up in searches everywhere.

Think about it - when was the last time you saw an article submission site appear on page one of a Google search?

Have you ever wondered why small companies can outrank huge brands (with big teams and massive budgets) in some search results?

It's entirely possible with clever SEO.

Forget about blogging frequency and start focusing on excellence.

The optimal SEO strategy revolves around quality content that generates shares and backlinks. That level of quality is hard to achieve, but we can do it.

We've developed a plan that takes the best bits from the worlds of SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing and PR.

And we've done that because we think that they all have a role to play here.

We have a strategic approach that's been tested completely, through trial and error, and over a long period of time.

Google's ranking factors.

Google does consider many factors when it comes to displaying a set of search results, but what most SEOs won't tell you is that the importance of those ranking factors varies considerably.

The truth is, a lot of these factors aren't worth worrying about.

As you know, time and money are precious commodities, especially if you have a small or medium-sized business.

And who wants to waste time, effort and marketing spend?

No one.

So after numerous algorithm changes, content and the reputation of your website should be your priorities.

As elite copywriters, the content side of things is obviously right up our street.

Meanwhile, getting Google to respect you and reward your content means building reputable backlinks from authoritative sites.

Thankfully, our range of innovative content promotion techniques will help. 

High-ranking blog posts offer other SEO perks too.

Part of the attraction and logic behind using our SEO strategy is that a high-ranking blog post will also help the rest of your site.

In another fantastic USP, blog posts that rank highly will pass on a significant amount of link juice to your other pages.

That means, in turn, a high quality blog post will gradually help the ranking positions of your homepage, landing pages and all your product or service pages.

So you'll get the best of both worlds anyway.

But in truth, that's by-the-by.

Thanks to the traffic, you're going to get so many new leads through the blog posts alone.

Don't be fooled.

SEO is simpler than you think.

Are you ready to transform your business today?


Client testimonial. 

Revomark, London

Having a website that's getting seen by prospective customers is crucial:

Revomark needed some copy attention. We're really pleased with his work.

His words are interesting, topical and have an engaging tone of voice. They're proving crucial for our SEO strategy and in driving traffic to our website.