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What's the point of having a website if no one ever sees it?

What good are words if no one ever reads them?

We all search for information online every day.

Google handles over 40,000 searches every second. That's over 3.5 billion searches every day and 1.2 trillion each year.

Basically, somewhere in the world, someone is looking for what you're selling right now.

Someone typing on a laptop

But guess what?

Although there are trillions of websites out there, people only really look on page one of a set of search results.

Just think back to the last time you looked something up on Google... did you go to page two?

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO [search engine optimisation] is a digital marketing strategy. More specifically, it's the strategy of making sure that your website is on page one so that searchers find your site and not someone else's.

If your business is on page one, you can expect plenty of traffic to your website which, in turn, means leads, customers and revenue.

If you're not on page one, then you're pretty much invisible to the world...

... and your competitors can gobble up all the profit.

In terms of how SEO works, there's a lot to it. 

There are a number of SEO marketing tactics that must be deployed both on your website and away from it. 

A solid and ethical SEO strategy covers the technical elements on your site, the content that meets visitors, the commercial value of target keywords and the authority the site holds with search engines.

A mixture of art and science, the best SEO experts mix data with creativity. As copywriters with lots of search experience, we're well placed to do exactly that.

For most businesses, it's just too much to handle, which is why they turn to an SEO company or search agency.

However, the big problem with using an SEO agency is that many SEO professionals either don't truly know what they're doing, or they use underhand tactics that can harm your brand.

We're different.

As one of the best SEO companies in the UK, we know what we're doing. We'll execute a search strategy that delivers tangible, long-term results that tie in with your business goals.

The advantages of SEO.

SEO is brilliantly predictable.

We can see how many people are searching for certain terms each month and what these users are doing in terms of the results they're hitting up.

Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO is incredibly reliable.

One piece of data is worth 1,000 opinions.

As creative as we are, at Splash Copywriters, we're an SEO agency that likes to deal in hard facts.

We can find out how many people look up a certain term, what they click on, what they do when they land on a site, who is ranking there and how.

Do you want leads delivered straight to your door 24/7?

How long does SEO take to work?

SEO can often be seen as more of a long-term play, but this isn't always the case.

It really depends on the keyword you're targeting and the difficulty of ranking for it.

However, the length of time that it takes to reach page one has been greatly overplayed. If you know what you're doing, movement and results can take as little as 4 weeks. 

Okay, so SEO might not produce results as fast as paid ads, but it's not far behind. And it's a whole lot cheaper too. In addition, your efforts will last a lifetime without the continual need for ad spend.

What's involved in our SEO services?

As part of our SEO service, the first move is to audit your website, so that we can work out whether there are any technical adjustments to be made that will help us reach page one. 

This includes helping your site overcome any Google penalties that might be in place.

Eurrgh, we can't lie. The techie stuff is pretty boring, but it's nevertheless essential. Right from the get-go, the technical website optimisation will ensure that we're not swimming against the tide.

Technical excellence is crucial - your website needs to impress both search engines and real people.

Next up is market and keyword research.

We'll see who your main digital competitors are [for both local and national terms] and create a list of commercially valuable keywords to target. You know, the kind of keywords that will actually make you money.

After that, we'll generate a few quick and easy SEO wins that will initially level you up against your competition. That's the starter ahead of the main course...

We'll then develop long-lasting sales weapons.

Here's the game-changer:

We create content that the searcher wants to see, then we build authority to those pages in the form of links.

You see, at Splash Copywriters, we combine over 40 years of copywriting experience with a unique and cutting edge approach to SEO.

Our SEO services won't just get your site ranking for a handful of keywords.

Instead, as highly-skilled and fully-trained SEO copywriters, we're able to create epic pieces of content that will attract your target audience straight to your shop window for years to come. 

Our SEO service isn't just about ranking highly in the SERPs; it's also about dominating your market and completely crushing your competition.

That's why the killer part of our ranking process is so effective.

The final piece of the jigsaw.

Creating amazing content is one thing, but people need to know about it.

Most SEO professionals don't bother with content promotion because it's hard work. But we have lost of journalistic experience, so we love a bit of PR.

Out outreach will create the authority that keeps your content at the top of page one. This is the engine room of our operation. 

Then, lastly, it's a case of measuring our progress, iterating and improving.

We have a bunch of neat tools that will always keep us one step ahead of your competition. Basically, we'll catapult you to page one out of nowhere and keep you there so that you can dominate your market. 

This is SEO management at its best.

SEO case studies.

If you'd like to see examples of the killer page one content that we can create, then the best way to do that is by heading to our blog.

There, you'll see examples like this post.

That article ranks at the top of page one for the term "trade marketing", which gets looked up a whopping 49,000 times every month.

[Go ahead, fire up Google and give us a test right now - we won't take offence.]


Splash Copywriters' trade marketing article ranking number one in Google


As you can imagine, the traffic we get from that one blog post alone is insane and it didn't cost us a penny to produce.

Just some sharp analysis, hard work and clever application.

And, as one of the best SEO companies around, we obviously have a number of clients who have enjoyed similar results.

Now, we could be here all day, so we've just listed 3 examples for you to take in: 

  • We created this article to get skincare brand Gruum to page one.
  • We wrote this post to move babysitting business Join Bubble in front of their perfect audience.
  • We devised this piece to catapult marketing company Only Red to the top of the SERPs.
  • We created this guide to transform the sales of Learn, Think, Drive.

Want a friendly, no-obligation chat about SEO?

Now, we're pretty sure that you know the importance of having a strong digital presence. After all, it's common sense, right?

More website traffic means more leads, which means more customers and more profit.

But there's a lot to SEO.

It's pretty tactical.

Quality content is essential, but there's much more to it than meets the eye.

Market research and competitor analysis is essential to spot the gaps in any given market.

And after that, we need to uncover what keywords to target and sort out the on-page SEO out. Then it's all about going into full link building mode.

So, we bet that you've probably got loads of questions.

If that's right, then no problem. Get in touch today...


Client testimonial

The Bowes-Lyon Partnership, London

Within a matter of days of contacting Matt, we had talked through our requirements and discussed the tone to be used on our website. We had fresh new copy before the week was out.

We are delighted with the quick and efficient service, but it was his SEO work that really impressed us.

His knowledge of SEO is amazing, but he has a unique approach that has seen us overtake our competitors quickly and impress our audience.

We're confident that hitting page one will transform our business.


Client testimonial

RLF, London

We're really pleased with Matt's work.

He gave us invaluable SEO advice and help to ensure that our website ranks highly for all the keywords that are crucial to our business.

But also, he developed our tone of voice and created all the copy for our new website.