With advertising costs on the rise, is it possible to get your brand in front of large audiences without spending anything?

Well, quite simply, the answer is yes. We all search for information online every day and, if you can master SEO, then you can drive plenty of traffic to your website 24/7.

The advantages of SEO.

Like Adwords, SEO is one step ahead of the game.

If someone enters a keyword into Google, we can interpret the intent behind that search. So long as a keyword carries commercial value, we don't need much of a sales pitch... we just need to be seen.

SEO is also brilliantly predictable.

We can see how many people are searching for certain terms each month and what these users are doing in terms of the results they're hitting up.

The net result is one of reliability.

The disadvantages of SEO.

Really, the only issue with SEO is that of time.

SEO is more of a long-term play and, although your efforts will last a lifetime, such an approach may not produce results as fast as paid ads will.

It really depends on the keyword you're targeting and the difficulty of ranking for it.

However, the length of time that it takes to reach page one has been greatly overplayed.

If you know what you're doing, it can take as little as 4 weeks.