We all use the internet and 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, so search engine optimisation [SEO] is hugely important in modern business.

For starters, what’s the point of designing an amazing website or creating fantastic content if no one’s ever going to see it?

Moreover, SEO is all about reliably maximising your revenue.

You see, you could advertise your products or services on billboards, in magazines, on the radio or on Facebook, but it all costs money. What's more, you can't be sure that these strategies will work.

SEO is different.

You can see how many people are searching online for certain keywords every month and, if you were on page one for those results, you'd be able to regularly attract more website traffic 24/7.

In terms of marketing strategies, it's as close to guaranteed results as you're likely to find.

And from then on, it's plain sailing. More website traffic means more leads, which leads to more customers and more revenue.

All thanks to SEO.

Our approach to SEO.

We have a unique, yet highly logical take on SEO - we work on getting blog posts to rank highly.

That's because, unlike other types of web pages, they're best suited to delivering exactly what Google craves: great content and authoritative backlinks.

We focus on creating amazing blog posts that hoover up social media shares, rank highly for a variety of keywords and generate massive amounts of traffic. And, basically, we do this because it makes sense. 

Our advanced strategy works FAST.

We've created content and taken it to page one in a matter of weeks, both for us and for our clients.

We're talking about high-ranking articles that have pulled in 1,000s of searchers, who have gone on to become paying customers.

These are articles that are still topping the search engines today, pulling in website traffic from all over the world every day of the week. 

Now imagine having multiple posts on page one.

It would be pretty powerful, right?

It would mean a lot of website traffic [and potential leads] coming your way.

Our stance on SEO.

Listen, we understand that the world of SEO can sometimes seem like a cloudy and confusing one.

That's why, at Splash Copywriters, we believe in delivering transparency and value.

We think we do SEO differently.

Above all else, we've kept things simple.

We've listened closely to what Google has said that it actually wants from a website. We've have studied SEO hard in order to create a simple content marketing process that works. 

With our SEO service, you can forget about expensive contracts, audits and maintenance fees.

We just focus on creating killer articles and getting your brand noticed.

Ultimately, somewhere in the world, someone is searching for something related to your business right now. Who do you want them to find in their search results?

Your business?

Or a rival's?

If you're ready to transform your business today, please get in touch today so that we can explain our strategy to you and learn about your business.


Client testimonial. 

Revomark, London

Having a website that's getting seen by prospective customers is crucial:

Revomark needed some help with SEO. We're really pleased with Matt's work.

His words are interesting, topical and have an engaging tone of voice. They're proving crucial for our SEO strategy and in driving traffic to our website.