Product descriptions

Do you sell stuff online? If you do, then your website is your shop window. What's more, there are loads of competitors just a few clicks away.

If a prospective customer is reading about something you're selling, we have to make the most of that opportunity.

As such, your product descriptions will go a long way to deciding whether a visitor turns into a customer or not. In many ways, the copy you use on your website is more important than the product itself.

Do you need our help?

Maybe sales are down.

Or perhaps you just think you could be doing better.

Are you tired of seeing the same slogans?

Are your customers bored of hearing the usual clichés?

Do you need a fresh approach?

Hiring a quality digital copywriter to create your product descriptions is a good idea. It could be the best investment you ever make.

You need to stand out from the crowd.

To be memorable.

It could be the difference between boosting your bottom line or going bust.

We’ll turn browsers into buyers.

After getting to know your brand and your customers, we’ll find the hooks that will connect, convince and sell.

The industry you’re in is irrelevant.

Whether it’s finance or footwear, bikes or books, our words will work hard and deliver tangible results.

And they’ll always be consistent with your brand.

As a copywriting agency, Splash Copywriters can offer experienced web copywriters to help you. We can deliver high volume projects with a quick turnaround at affordable rates.

Great product descriptions take great skill.

Product descriptions are tricky and writing good ones takes years of experience.

It's important to be succinct, as people don't have time for waffle. Yet stripping away words is always harder than adding them.

Steve Jobs once said:

Simple is often harder than complex.

He was referring to technology, but that quote can also apply to copy, especially e-commerce copy.

We try to make a customer's journey towards a sale as smooth and as simple as possible. We aim to remove barriers, something many brands fail to do.

Product descriptions are all about building trust with your reader, using stories and utilising emotion – all in as few words as possible, possibly without the reader consciously noticing.

The goal is simple:

To ensure that your products and services connect with as wide an audience as possible.

Our copy will be SEO-friendly too, so you'll know that your products and services will get found in the first place. 


Client testimonial.

ALM Distribution, West Midlands

We asked Matt to write some product descriptions for us, in the hope that we could make some of our lines seem more attractive to consumers.

We were delighted with his copy and with the results. If you're selling something online and need a great description, speak to Matt.