Press Releases

Press releases play a huge role in the success of some businesses.
They serve an an important purpose - to inform and educate about products, services and general company news. When done correctly, press releases can secure valuable PR. However, the problem is that writing effective press releases is testing.


A bundle of newspapers in a rack

There's a real knack to the whole process.

But at Splash Copywriters, we come from a journalistic and PR background, so we're able to create winning press release strategies for any kind of business.

We cover every base.

The way you frame a press release is everything. We know what journalists and influencers want to see in company statements, but busy professionals scan and read stuff in a certain way.

Moreover, there is a need for a story within a press release, even in seemingly mundane circumstances. And that story needs to be told in a certain order and structure.

Fail to do so and your news won't be absorbed.

Maybe it won't even be read at all.

If something's worth saying, it's worth saying properly. Contact us for a friendly chat so that we can learn more about your needs. 


Client testimonial

Citibank, London

Vicki is a gem to work with. She understood our need to communicate with Citibank managers globally and helped us form an effective content strategy.

Her work with the Citibank newsletters was incredibly engaging. She's creative and clever with a cheerful attitude.


Client testimonial

 TV24, Sweden

We used Splash Copywriters to write us a standout press release for our new TV app.

They also created and perfected our tone of voice, edited all our text strings and played a key role in improving the user experience of the app. 

They were thorough and professional, and we're really pleased with their work.