Press releases

When you need a press release written, it’s usually because you’ve got something important to say.

Maybe you’ve released a new product, launched a fresh service or refreshed your brand.

There's a certain knack to structuring press releases and finding the balance between telling a story and listing out facts.

Readers must absorb the content of a press release quickly. Your news must be memorable, or it's all been a total waste of time.

Don’t leave anything to chance: our expert copywriters can make sure the right messages get heard. 

Our background in journalism. 

Because we’ve worked in PR and journalism, we know how to extract a story, even from seemingly mundane subject matters and industries.

What’s more, we know how to structure your copy so that it’s entertaining and easy to read.

Your reader will go on a journey from the moment that their eyes hit the first word and, as copywriters, we’ll make sure they hang around.

You know the gist of what you want to say, so just give us all the information that comes to hand and we’ll do the rest.

Splash Copywriters will find the words and angles that will grab people's attention and take care of your reputation.

We’re well used to working to tight deadlines, so expect a fast and impressive turnaround.


Client testimonial.

TV24, Sweden

We used Splash Copywriters to write us a standout press release for our new TV app.

They also created and perfected our tone of voice, edited all our text strings and played a key role in improving the user experience of the app.

They were thorough and professional, and we’re really pleased with their work.

Client testimonial.

AB Agri, Peterborough

We approached Splash on a very tight deadline.

They soon understood our business and quickly got to grips with our style and objectives.

The copy produced was engaging and straight to the point - we are really happy with the new careers pages on our corporate site.