If you want to earn serious money from copywriting, you must be a freelancer. 

Being an in-house copywriter at a business or creative agency feels safe. It’s like any other job. You turn up every day, do your work and get paid. 

As convenient as this is, having a specified annual salary clearly limits your earning potential. Obviously you might enjoy the odd pay rise and promotion, but this kind of thing is largely out of your hands.

To remove this limitation, you require flexibility.

You need to be the boss.

You must be the person who makes all the strategic decisions, the one who dictates how you work and for how much.

It’s the only way.

Now, I understand that the idea of becoming a freelancer might seem scary. Especially if you’re new to copywriting.

But remember that you can always start your new adventure as a side-hustle whilst you find your feet. If you’re not comfortable going all-in at this stage, create a business that you can grow alongside your day job.

Either way, unfortunately, embracing the freelance life is only part of the equation. 

You’re gonna need more.

After a few months of freelancing, I was totally lost. I felt beholden to recruiters and spent my first year as a freelancer struggling to make ends meet. 

In fact, I was worse off financially than before.

The phone wasn’t ringing. 

Unfortunately, finding any kind of work on a reliable basis was really tough.

And high-income jobs? Forget about it. Instead, I was forced to waste countless hours on Upwork taking on assignments like this:

An image of a badly paid job on Upwork


All that work for $10? 

And I need to be an experienced writer?

I’ll pass, thanks.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I desperately needed a reliable way of pitching for work if I was to survive, nevermind flourish.

I was about to abandon freelance life forever and return to the grind of the 9-5 when, luckily, I had a breakthrough. 

After months of feeling beholden to recruiters, toiling on content mills and hitting up job boards, I discovered how to generate high-income copywriting jobs with ease.

Now, if you're wondering how to source clients if you've got zero copywriting experience, you'll love what I'm gonna tell you next.

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