Become A 6-Figure Copywriter

My proven, step-by-step system can teach anyone how to earn 6 figures from copywriting in 12 months.

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Finally, here's a complete copywriting course that can help anyone create a lucrative copywriting business.

  • Even if... you have no writing experience
  • Even if... you have no writing qualifications
  • Even if... you have no confidence 
  • Even if... you just want a nice side-income
  • Even if... you're short on time
  • Even if... you're already a copywriter

Meet your instructor: Matt Press

I'm an experienced freelance copywriter based in the UK. I've written words for some of the biggest brands around and I've developed a course that teaches people how to make 6 figures from copywriting in 12 months with a proven, step-by-step system.

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Now, before I dive into the details of my program, I want to share a personal story...

My copywriting career was almost over before it had begun...

I always wanted to write words for a living. As a kid, I loved books and dreamed of publishing my own novel one day.

That remains a big goal of mine to this day but, at the time, bills needed to be paid and I had to get real. So, after deciding that journalism wasn't for me, I studied English at university with my focus set firmly on copywriting.

After graduating, I landed my first job as a junior copywriter at a big media company and I felt on cloud nine... but unfortunately, it didn't take long for me to lose all confidence in my writing ability.

Quite simply, my academic studies hadn't prepared me for life as a copywriter at all. What I had been taught about writing throughout my education simply cannot be applied to copywriting and the business world.

I had a number of writing rules programmed into my head from various teachers and professors but, in reality, there are no rules in copywriting. 

As it turned out, you can start sentences with 'and' or 'but' and you don't have to adhere to archaic grammatical conventions to help businesses grow.

I was encouraged to develop an expansive vocabulary, yet effective copywriting is all about using simple, every day language and being as concise as possible.

And I was also told to express myself when writing, but you don't need natural writing flair to become a copywriter.

All this might be surprising, but it's true.

Copywriters just need to be able to motivate a target audience to take action and you do that by getting inside people's heads, not by using an expansive vocabulary.

Of course, you can certainly practice the art of writing. That will only help. But really, you only require research skills, an awareness of what makes people tick and a laser-sharp focus on the reader, whoever that might be.

You see, no matter whether you're selling a sofa, sending a press release or promoting an ebook, you're always communicating with real people. Mums, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, colleagues.

All this took me a while to understand and there were some painful, embarrassing lessons along the way. Those first few months and years were tough.

Copywriting is a world away from any other kind of writing. It's not that it's harder or easier, just different. I often thought about quitting on many occasions, but once I realised what copywriting was all about, I was away.

It turns out that you don't need loads of experience and natural writing talent to succeed. Good copywriting is actually just about clear thinking.

The magic happens when you know how your target audience thinks, address their problems and understand what makes humans tick. The psychology tendencies we all have are fascinating.

Over time, I grew to love everything about copywriting. I liked being a bit of a detective and studying the neurological and behavioural side of things. Most of all, I got a kick out of getting tangible business results from writing words.

But just as things were going well at my first job, I had another problem with my copywriting career. It concerned money [or lack of, to be specific].

Like any permanent job does, my first copywriting role capped my earning potential. With a young family to look after and having just entered my 30s, I realised that I needed to become a freelancer for things to change.

I had to be the one in control. I wanted to decide which projects to take on and what I should charge clients. I needed to be my own boss.

So, after 11 years at the same place, I nervously handed in my notice.

What happened?

Well, at first, the grass wasn't greener on the other side. In fact, there wasn't any grass at all for the first 12 months of my freelance life. I was staring straight at a brown, barren wasteland.

Finding work was difficult. And even when I did source a client, I was earning less and feeling more stressed. 

Becoming a freelancer had given me the opportunity to become successful, but there was still so much more to figure out.

I toiled on Upwork. I even resorted to randomly cold-calling businesses, but everything was a disaster. Bills needed to be paid and I was permanently under pressure. Most days I wished I could turn back time and go back to my safe, comfy job. 

I had almost given up on my freelance career when I fired off a bunch of random emails to a variety of companies begging for work in final, desperate move.

Luckily, I landed several projects [including a $5k job where I was hired within the hour] and this was when things really started to change for me.

When life had calmed down a bit and all these deadlines had been met, I took stock of what had happened and realised that certain messages had worked better than others. I experimented further and realized that I was over-complicating everything. 

One service was more proving to be more popular than anything else, so I started to reach out to prospects with a single offer. Once again, I enjoyed success.

And then I discovered a great way of pitching this service.

This was another game-changer. I tracked the numbers over time and the results were staggering. Clients loved the approach and were desperate for me to help them.

The rest is history.

I documented my process and, after making this strategic switch, became more focused. Using my new method, high-income clients were suddenly really easy to find.

Sometimes I even had so many jobs going on that I had to hire other freelance copywriters to help me out.

Life tends to be feast or famine for most freelancers, but my strategy has worked for 7 years straight. Nowadays, clients come to me and I've got the nice problem of deciding whether I wanted to take on a project or not. 

So, that brings us to this point, where I've decided to train others and show them how they can achieve the same results.

And take it from me: you don't need any writing experience to make this happen, nor any qualifications or natural writing talent. I've got a degree in English and I can tell you that absolutely anyone can get into copywriting.

It's simple:

I've taken the key lessons that I've learned from over 20 years as a copywriter and created an easy-to-follow process with a clearly defined goal.

And with that, I'm excited to reveal my program:

Become A 6-Figure Copywriter.

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Introducing the world's best copywriting course...

The Become a 6-Figure Copywriter course takes the crucial lessons that I've learned from my experiences as a freelance copywriter and packages them up into a simple, step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.

It's all about results

My training isn't conceptual. I don't teach you everything about copywriting. I just focus on actionable, practical content that's designed to deliver a specific result.

Enjoy bonus videos

I've left nothing to chance. I've also included a couple of useful over-the-shoulder tutorials to cement some of the concepts I teach.

You'll get concise videos...

I've mapped out exactly how to earn 6 figures from copywriting in 12 months. My short, snappy videos will definitely get you there if you follow my advice.

Work at your own pace

There's no need to rush anything. You can take the course on your own schedule and complete the steps when it best suits you. 

... and extra resources, too

From workbooks to printouts, templates to case studies, transcripts to slides, there are also handy materials to download. Everything's designed to help you.

Get lifetime access

You get lifetime access to the course and can revisit the content whenever. If I update the materials at any time, you get everything for free.

A sneak peek inside my copywriting course

Curious about what the Become A 6-Figure Copywriter course includes? Here's a quick overview of what it covers...

Module 1: The fundamentals

Discover the principles behind persuasive writing and learn how to master human psychology faster than you thought possible. These lessons will give you all the tools you need.

Module 2: How to create great web copy

Find out why you should only offer one service... and why that should be website copy. Then access my simple process for creating amazing copy for any business in any market.

Module 3: How to create a solid business

You'll also need sound business advice. So, from invoicing clients to pricing your services, building a portfolio to marketing your skills, no stone is left unturned.

Module 5: How to make more money

This is where you'll discover how to dramatically increase your revenue. I'll reveal the service you should upsell your clients and show you  how to deliver it. 

Module 4: How to get clients easily

I'll show you exactly how to land your very first client, then walk you through you my sneaky  but simply system for consistently generating high-paying projects.

Bonus materials

You'll get worksheets, workbooks, checklists and bonus videos to help you execute each step properly and reach your goal. You can also download transcripts and slides for each lesson.

This is the complete system for earning serious money from copywriting

You're going to get everything you need. Simple videos, workbooks, checklists, roadmaps and resources. You won't have to worry about anything or wonder what to do next...

... just follow the steps that I've laid out and you're set.

Remember that you're also entitled to lifetime access to everything.

If I ever need to update the content, you get access forever at no extra charge. That's my way of ensuring that the training remains an excellent investment.

Is this course right for you?

Become A 6 Figure Copywriter isn't for everyone. 

There's no magic button inside. Anything worth having in life requires work and effort.

This course gives you a proven, step-by-step system that will save you countless hours of trial and error... but you need to execute each step and do the work.

If you're expecting some sort of get-rich-quick scheme, please don't enrol. If anything, this is more like get-rich-slowly.

Also, if you just wants to improve your copywriting skills a little, then this course probably isn't a great fit either.

Obviously the training is designed to make anyone a better copywriter and it covers copywriting principles, but it's about plenty of other stuff, too.

Remember that this is a program with a very specific goal: 

To make 6 figures of revenue in 12 months.

To achieve this target, I have to teach students about several different things.

From pricing to invoicing, marketing yourself and pitching, there's a lot to cover. So, if you're an entrepreneur or marketing manager who only wants to learn more about copywriting, some of my lessons won't be relevant.

Lastly, you might find that some of my tactics in the course goes against other opinions you've seen, so prepare to be open-minded.

For instance, a lot of people think you need to write loads of stuff for free, work for peanuts on Upwork and build an extensive copywriting portfolio before you can take on any clients and start earning money.

I strongly disagree.

Once you've got the right foundations in place, you can get going straight away.

You are fully protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Rest assured, this course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the training in any way, just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund... no questions asked.



Here are the answers to some of your top questions

Will this course work for me?

If you follow the step-by-step system that I've laid out for you, then I'm sure that my approach can work for anyone. In fact, I'm yet to come across a situation where my course hasn't been beneficial.

Maybe you're totally new to copywriting and are considering a career change. Perhaps you've always loved the idea of earning money from writing and would like to start a side hustle.

You might even be a freelancer already.

It doesn't matter. If love words and you're committed to learning how to become a successful copywriter, my material will pay for itself many times over.

How does the course work?

The Become A 6-Figure Copywriter course is made up of 5 modules, each containing 4 pre-recorded video training sessions.

In addition to the videos, you also get worksheets, workbooks and extra resources. The bonus materials make taking action and achieving results ridiculously easy.

Want to learn on the go? You can also download the transcripts and slides for each lesson to take them wherever you want. 

Is everything pre-recorded?

If you're busy, don't worry. Everything is pre-recorded and you don't have to show up at a particular time.

You can access all the training videos and course materials in your member's area anytime you want. So if life gets a little hectic, you can pick the course up when things settle down.

Plus, because you get lifetime access, you can go at your own pace or revisit the course at any stage.

What is the course material like?

I'm of the opinion that too much information is dangerous. That's why most copywriting courses aren't that effective. It's not that the content is useless - it's just too high-level and conceptual.

If you're not careful, this kind of material can just gather dust. At best you'll pick up one or two tips, but you'll certainly be ill-equipped for getting out in the real world and earning money.

By contrast, I wanted to create a step-by-step system that people could follow. Something with a tangible end result [to earn 6 figures from copywriting]. I've deliberately left out 'interesting' details and tit bits that don't contribute to that main goal.

My course is a system. I teach you what you need to know and nothing else.

Can I earn more than $100k in a year?

This is entirely possible. In fact, depending on how much work you put into this, $100k could be a conservative figure.

The strategies I teach are extremely effective. Of course, they require effort on the student's part, but I know from experience that they can be extremely rewarding.

This course has the goal of helping students make $100k in 12 months because if I take the normal level of commitment into consideration, then that's the typical result.

What if I decide the course isn't for me?

That's no problem. You're protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. And it's not one of those stupid guarantees where you have to complete a certain amount of the course to qualify.

Basically, you can try everything out for a money and if it's not a great fit then you'll be entitled to a full refund. No questions asked. 

Why does the course only cover website copy?

Rest assured, much of the copywriting advice in the course can be applied to any kind of service. So, if you'd rather focus on offering clients email marketing copy, Facebook ads copy or anything else, the training will still be useful.

However, in my experience, website copy is the easiest service to sell and it makes sense to keep the course focused. Ultimately, I want you to achieve a specific goal and you don't need to know everything about copywriting to make 6 figures. You just need to know a handful things.

There are a few reasons why website copywriting services are the easiest kind of service to sell, but basically, it's because every business has a website and most of them know their website is probably underperforming. 

In addition to that, there's little objection to price range of this service when put into context with the potential upside. And finally, I think website copywriting makes for the best offer because there are a lot of natural upsells after the job is finished [such as blogging or paid ads].

All things considered, it's the only option.

How long does it take to go through the course?

The short answer is: it depends. To go through the material itself, we're only talking about 2-3 hours per week. Most copywriting courses are designed to be comprehensive, but I've deliberately kept my course lean and laser-focused. In other words, this course is extremely efficient. 

Having said that, implementing the strategies will obviously take some additional time. But remember that everything is pre-recorded and you've got lifetime access, so if life gets busy, you can pause and pick the course whenever it suit your schedule.

Who tends to sign up for this course?

Good question. 

Most commonly, my students are complete beginners who are totally new to copywriting and are either looking to write for a living or create a lucrative side income.

However, this is a complete copywriting course that teaches people how to earn 6-figures, so obviously I include some advanced strategies. That's not to say the content is particular complicated or time-consuming, just that it's an end-to-end solution. And for this reason, I also get a lot of established copywriters enrolling into my course.

These guys might know a little more about copywriting, but they're looking for the small details that will up their game and transform their career.

Will this work for me if I'm totally new to copywriting?


The course has been specifically designed to take someone who is completely new to copywriting and given them everything they need to earn a serious income in as short a time as possible.

I know from experience that learning about copywriting can be confusing and overwhelming. I also know that most copywriters work hard for very little money. So the key is to deliver the least information you need to earn the most you can.

Become A 6-Figure Copywriter takes the key lessons that I've learned from 20+ years as a copywriter and packages it into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

Can this course help me if I'm already a copywriter?

Yeah, this is a good question.

Look, I'll be honest. The training material has been specifically designed to take someone from zero to hero in as little time as possible. However, it's time to face reality. If you're already a copywriter and you're not happy with how things are going for whatever reason, you're probably missing something along the way.

Maybe you're a freelancer who struggles to find jobs. Perhaps you're an in-house copywriter at a business or agency and you're fed up with the same salary.

It doesn't matter. Yes, the course address some aspects of copywriting that you might already be familiar with, but I cover a lot more stuff. From how to market yourself to maximising your revenue through strategic upsells, there's no stone left unturned.

So, in short, if you're already a copywriter, you can definitely benefit from my system. And if you're on the fence about taking the course, remember that you're fully protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can enrol, see what the training is like and decide if it's right for you.

Is your training different to the content on your blog?

The training in the Become A 6 Figure Copywriter course is different to what you'll find on my blog [or anywhere else on the Splash Copywriters website]. But let me explain...

I believe in giving free value before asking for anything upfront, which is why I have such extensive content on my website.

However, the reality is that I can only say so much in an article. There are many nuances that I can't cover in a blog post... but I can in a course.

Also, don't forget that it's hard to piece together all the different elements that go into creating a successful copywriting business. When you buy my course, you're paying for the convenience of being able to access a step-by-step guide.

Rather than hand over information and expect you to work out the nitty gritty, I hold your hand through the entire process. With my course, you just watch the video and complete each task.

That's it.

Does the course come with a money back guarantee?

It sure does - you're fully covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

That means you can enrol into the course, try out the training for 30 days and decide whether it's a good fit for you. If it is, great. If not, you just have to send me an email and I'll process a refund [no questions asked].

Enrollment will open soon

I only open up enrollment for the Become A 6-Figure Copywriter course a couple of times a year, so make sure that you hop on the waiting list to be instantly notified the next time it opens.