Competitor Analysis

Knowledge is power, right?
Well, check this out. We'll spy on your rivals so that you can gain a long-term competitive edge. This service is for ambitious business owners who want to achieve more than just a few small gains.

This is for people who want to truly crush their competition and totally dominate their market. 


A CC TV camera looking down to the ground

As creative as we are at Splash Copywriters, we nevertheless believe in data. We're able to sweep over anyone's SEO, content or advertising strategies in amazing detail.

You can't argue with facts. 

So when we talk about examining what a website is doing online, this isn't a question of subjective opinions.

We use a competitor analysis template and framework which is powered by data. 

The combination of advanced tools and trained expertise will highlight what your rivals are doing right so that we can improve and level-jump.

But it'll also identify what they're getting wrong so that we can avoid making the same mistakes.

And we'll determine any gaps in their offers and positioning that we can take advantage of.

So, if you're ready to steal a march in your market and establish a permanent advantage, let's discuss your goals.


Client testimonial

Love Me Beauty, London

Working with Matt was a real pleasure. For starters, he got what we were after straight away. But he was able to offer extraordinary insights into how to position and frame our content in the market.

He offered great advice and delivered a brilliant service that was fantastic value for money.

He impressed us with his care and attention, not to mention professionalism. I look forward to working with Matt in the near future.


Client testimonial

My Chiropodist, London

Having decided to use Splash Copywriters to provide the content for our website, we have nothing by high praise for them.

Vicki and Matt were professional, courteous and highly dedicated. They found the tone that we wanted for the website immediately.

We've seen some amazing results from their work and their approach to content marketing in particular. Much of that is down to how they analysed the market.

By looking at what our competitors were doing, they were able to iterate and improve. We'll definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them.