Sometimes, it’s not what you’re saying, but the way you’re saying it that matters.

That’s true in almost every walk of life. And it’s certainly true in business.

Your website, your social media content, your marketing … it all says something about you and your business. People will form an opinion about your brand from what they read and what they see, whether you like it or not.

That’s why branding and style is important.

Your tone of voice.

We'll look at what you’re saying and how your business is coming across.

We have a specialist brand copywriter who will drill down into the heart and soul of your business.

We’ll pin down your core beliefs and find out what makes you different.

We'll ensure that those beliefs are in sync with your customers and then we'll give you a way of expressing your key messages.

Famous high-street brands communicate to customers in very precise, measured ways. We know why they do it.

And more importantly, we know how they do it.

Your style guide.

Worried about consistency? You're right to be.

This stuff matters.

When it comes to a customer deciding whether to buy from you or not, the small details take on greater significance.

Spelling mistakes, confusing jargon, a poor choice of font, an unconvincing turn of phrase... the list goes on.

Don't think your style is an issue?

Think again.

It doesn't have to be an obvious style issue - sometimes customers will go somewhere else because they've subconsciously noticed something.

Don't jeopardise a sale because a customer senses something's askew.

Instead, take some pride in your brand and strive to be the best.

Great brands say it best.

Think of Apple, Nike, Innocent and the like.

They all say different things in different ways, but their strategy has been developed for a reason.

And it works each time.

Successful companies know the value of a comprehensive style guide that documents how a business should communicate and how it shouldn’t.

These principles can be used to guide staff and suppliers. It's a work in progress that can continually be refined, but Splash Copywriters will develop a bespoke document for you and give you a platform to build from.

If you're really serious about taking your business to the next level, speak to us today about creating a unique brand strategy.


Client testimonial. 

Little Kickers, Didcot

Working with Splash Copywriters was a complete pleasure.

Through his own research, Matt entirely understood our core values and got to grips with creating a dynamic voice and tone that completely personifies the company.

We'd like to thank Matt for his great work and the speed in which he delivered it.

Client testimonial.

Protect your bubble, London

We have American roots, so we got in touch with Splash Copywriters because Protect your bubble hadn't reached its potential in the UK.

This was partly because of our tone of voice. Matt created a style and applied it to our website content. He also wrote several articles for our site and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Very professional and reliable.