What most people don't realise is, it's possible to totally transform a business with just ONE blog post.

It's funny: all businesses want to grow.

To make more money.

To survive, even.

And despite content marketing being the modern business buzzword, they all seem to ignore the potential of blogging.

In reality, blogging is a secret, simple growth strategy that's right under your nose.

When it's done right, blogging is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Probably the most powerful one you've got.

And since blogging is such a cost-effective tactic, it's now a no-brainer in today’s digital environment. It's become an essential part of every brand’s content marketing strategy.

What do blogs do?

The best thing about having a good blog is that it can find you customers 24/7.

Basically, it can look after your business while you sleep.

Simple as that.

And traffic is the reason why.

A good, popular blog post will be able to generate huge amounts of website traffic due to social shares and SEO success.

But there's more...

A blog also gives you an opportunity to expose the people behind your brand and to talk about your business in a more detailed, different way than you do elsewhere on your website.

A blog post is your chance to tell a story, solve a problem or discuss an issue. They're your chance to stand out from the crowd.

Blogs can help enhance your reputation, cement trust and establish your credibility.

And impressions matter; people buy from people, remember?

Did you know that blog posts and social media content account for 23% of all online activity?

Basically, people read blogs all the time... so let's get them reading yours. 

Blogging as a growth hacking strategy.

When we speak to clients about content marketing, we usually start by asking them a simple question:

What do you actually want your blog to achieve?

Usually, it's always the same sort of things:

Businesses want their blog to deliver website traffic, more leads and customers, newsletter signups or better brand awareness.

All these things have one theme in common: visibility.

Thankfully, we've finessed a blogging process that will catapult your brand into the public eye, by way of creating posts that achieve both viral popularity and a high search position.

And before you ask, it doesn't matter what industry you're in - there's no such thing as a boring niche.

Our advanced blogging service.

We use a content strategy that's incredibly sophisticated, yet devilishly simple. We've worked really hard to develop a process that combines research, copywriting, content marketing, PR and SEO.

Put simply, we concentrate on delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

You see, if utilised properly, blogs can deliver potential customers to your website from all around the world, day after day.

Blogs can deliver profits in an efficient way that traditional marketing techniques can’t match. They can constantly generate bucketfuls of fresh leads all day, every day.

They can generate huge revenue streams for businesses of all sizes. They're real game-changers, but...

... most people go about blogging the wrong way.

For starters, businesses often blog about topics they think will appeal to their audience and hope that their posts are popular.

By contrast, our approach is based on tactical insight.

We won't just write about anything. Our range of tricks and techniques will unearth the trending content in your area - we'll find out topics what your market influencers and audience cares about.

Most businesses publish blog content in any old format.

However, we'll deliver amazing content that'll sit on your site in a range of effective content frameworks that have been tried, tested and scientifically proven to work.

Your posts will also be written in an engaging and entertaining way.

The majority of blog posts are written without a single consideration to search engines when, in fact, blog posts are the best pieces of content to try and rank highly for.

So, we'll also fully optimise each post for SEO.

What's more, after publishing a post, the majority of bloggers think the hard work is over. 

We know the truth - we know that the real job is just beginning.  

Every fresh blog post is a sales weapon.

At Splash Copywriters, we treat every one of our blog posts like a new book launch, so we start promoting them with a range of innovative techniques.

This allows us to generate social shares and traffic, plus the backlinks that Google wants to see.

And it's at this stage that you'll stop thinking about this content as 'just a blog post: it's now a super-effective lead magnet that'll stand the test of time.

After all, don’t forget that blog posts never expire, so when we've created a post, your business can get a lead from it the next day, the next month or in 50 years’ time.

[Now that's what we call value.]

In summary, thanks to research, writing expertise and our proven, incisive techniques, we eliminate much of the guesswork and luck involved with content marketing.

The proof is in the pudding.

Why not head over to our blog and see how effective our own posts are.

You'll see multiple high-ranking articles with 1,000s of shares.

[How many websites can say that?]

And the best thing about creating amazing blog posts is that the rest of your site will feel the benefit.

That's we rank highly for loads of different keywords, include the term 'copywriters' in the UK.

Remember, you can transform your website with just ONE blog post.

Are you ready?


Client testimonial.

RLF, London

We're really pleased with Matt's work.

He helped us with our tone of voice, created the copy for our new website, is blogging regularly for RLF and giving us invaluable SEO expertise to make sure that we get the most out of our site and that it ranks highly for all the keywords that are crucial to our business.


Client testimonial.

Nice Money Publications, Stafford

Matt provides me with copy every week for my blogs and newsletters. Matt is very professional. He delivers his work on time and the content is very well-written and extremely compelling.

I'm confident that anyone will find him a pleasure to work with.

Importantly, you'll be really pleased with the content he creates and the various effective copywriting and business strategies that he applies.

He'll get results for anyone.