Have you ever wondered what copywriting is?

Copywriting is the activity of using words to influence and persuade people to take an action of some sort. 

Copywriting plays a big part in most marketing strategies

It’s most commonly associated with sales and commercial objectives, but words can motivate people to take a variety of actions that are valuable to business.

For example, downloading an ebook, booking a consultation, signing up to a newsletter, or engaging with a brand on social media.

Because of the vast array of benefits, businesses need effective copy.

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What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter’s job is to communicate effectively in order to accomplish a specific business goal. Although the main role is to craft words, there are a number of other things to consider, too:

  • Engaging the target audience with the correct tone of voice
  • Writing the relevant number of words
  • Keeping it simple, easy to read, and free from jargon
  • Ensuring the design enables the copy to do its job
  • Picking the right font style for maximum impact
  • Structuring the copy so that it flows logically and tells a story 
  • Enticing the reader to take some sort of action

What skills do you need to be a copywriter?

A mixture of art and science, copywriting is unlike any other form of writing and requires a completely different skills than what's needed for writing a novel, poem, report or even a blog post. 

It’s less about having an expansive vocabulary and a flair for writing. It’s more about being able to conduct effective research, gain insights into your target audience and use applied psychology. 

Anyone can become a copywriter. You don’t need to have loads of writing experience, an abundance of natural writing talent or a degree to be a write words for a living. 

Actually, if you can gather information and you know a bit about what makes people tick, you've got all the copywriting skills you need. Oh and maybe patience, tenacity and the ability to accept and process feedback will also come in handy.

But look, we all have our opinion about what makes for good copy. There are also many different types of copywriting, so the ultimate test is whether your words deliver on the key business objectives that you're aiming for.


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