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How to express your USPs effectively to a target audience

Copywriting | Approximate reading time: 4 minsHow to express your USPs effectively to a target audienceLast updated: 2 February, 2020 If you’ve seen the award-winning US sitcom Seinfeld, you’ll know that before each episode begins, Jerry Seinfeld delivers a 30-second skit.And in one routine, Jerry talks about medication, observing that over-the-counter remedies can brand themselves […]

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42 killer copywriting tips that’ll dramatically transform any business

Copywriting | Approximate reading time: 26 mins42 killer copywriting tips that’ll transform any businessLast updated: 29 January, 2020 No matter what it sells, every business ultimately relies on words to convince, convert and generate sales.Most people think they can write, but the reality is that persuading a complete stranger to do something through words alone […]

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