Who are we?

Matt Press and Vicki Press head up the Splash Copywriters team.

Combined, we’ve been working in the digital arena for over 40 years for some of the biggest brands around, including Sky, Three and Vodafone.

Most businesses only need 2 things.

Over the years, we've done it all.

Copywriting, content marketing, SEO, social media, PPC and suchlike.

The digital space offers plenty of opportunity, but it's full of confusion and overwhelm. And it's only since working for ourselves that things become clear.

Having a strong digital presence is everything. And basically, for most people, you only need a couple of things to be successful in business these days.

1] A website.

Firstly, you need a cracking website that not only looks good, but also delivers tangible results.

2] Effective lead generation.

Secondly, you need to have a winning marketing strategy.

Basically, that just means that in order to survive, you require a way of attracting leads regularly, so that you can convert those people into customers.

Consistently sourcing leads in the 'real world' is practically impossible, but thanks to digital technology, it can all be online.

And in the overwhelming majority of cases, using Facebook ads is the best plan of attack.

When done right, Facebook ads is simple, cost-effective and incredibly scalable in every industry.

We help all kinds of businesses.

Over the years, we've built up a lot of experience. We've mastered the art of digital marketing by working for some of the largest brands around.

From sport to podiatry, telephony to insurance, we've covered just about every industry.

Likewise, the size of your company doesn't come into it.

We mention the huge, high-street brands that we've worked for because we're hoping that information reassures you. The point is, they trust us, so you can too.

In reality, we've helped numerous small start-ups and growing companies as well. So, don't worry about meeting certain criteria.

To succeed, all you really need is us.

There are no other requirements.