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Why do you need us?

To communicate the value ​of what you sell

You can have the best product or service in the world, but you still need to convince busy buyers who are spoilt for choice. Every business relies on words to do that, no matter whether it's a start-up or a huge corporation. They must address their customers' wants and needs, speak to them in an appropriate tone, convey meaning, avoid industry jargon, generate trust and build a rapport.

To persuade your audience to take action

The best copywriters in the world understand that words aren't meant to look pretty, pay meaningless lip service or be published just in order to tick a box. Effective copy serves a purpose. From clinching sales to navigating support content, increasing leads to hoovering up retweets, words have a job to do and we're always laser-focused on the goal in hand.

To stand out in a competitive market

Turning over a profit in today's world is tough. Thanks to the internet,  prospective customers are very accessible, but it's never been easier to fire up a website or run online ads. As such, you've got rivals around every corner. Huge companies understand that when all things are equal, words will be the difference between success and failure.

What can we do exactly?

Basically, if words are involved then we can help you.
But typically, we tend to offer a number of key copywriting services.

Website copy

These days, all the action happens online and your competitors are just a couple of clicks away. But we know how to create customer-facing copy that will quickly strike a chord with your target audience and convert them from browsers into buyers. 

SEO copywriting

Google handles over 5.6 billion searches each day. Somewhere in the world, someone is searching for information on the products and services that you're selling right now. And if you're not on page one, you're leaving money on the table. We can sort this out.

Tech​nical copywriting

Some projects just seem too big and too complex. But you know what? We love it when things get gnarly. We can offer a fresh and impartial perspective from the outside, as well as stellar copywriting skills, a methodical approach and a huge dollop of patience.

Blogging & social media content

Are you looking to generate attention and bring potential leads into a sales funnel? Or maybe increase brand awareness, attract clicks, likes and shares? We have a unique, strategic and proven approach to content marketing that is stealth-like and effective.

Marketing collateral

From brochures to ebooks, sales letters to email marketing, posters to product descriptions, we can create something stylish and impactful for you. Either task us with just the words or hand over the whole shebang and use our epic design skills too.

Branding & to​ne of voice work

The way a business communicates is crucial to its success, particularly if it operates in a crowded market or sells something that's tricky to explain. Experts in clean thinking, we can create brand guidelines and ensure effective, consistent copy. 

PPC campaign copy

PPC ads are a great way to scale a business, but without the right words you'll burn through your budget quickly. We'll create winning ads that strike deep into the heart of your target customer and write landing page copy that clinches the deal.

We'd like to say hello...

Matt Press freelance copywriter

Matt Press

Freelance copywriter

Before starting his own UK copywriting agency, Matt created editorial content for Sky Sports for over a decade. Having taken up learning the guitar, he now regularly annoys his neighbours when he's not writing. He also enjoys going to the gym.

Vicki Press freelance copywriter

Vicki Press

Freelance copywriter

Vicki is the branding expert after her work in the corporate world and she can nail any tone of voice. Don't let her smile fool you; she's a fierce proofreader who enjoys reading, running and singing - although obviously not all at once. 

Some of the big brands we've worked with:

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3 logo
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Discover how high-quality copy will make or break your business

On the fence about hiring a copywriter? Wondering how much of a priority your copy is and if you can spare the cash? Then indulge us and step into our world for 5 minutes. We've worked for some of the biggest companies out there and you'll be shocked at how important they consider language to be. Quite simply, click through and you'll learn why the words you use will dictate your future. 

What our clients say about us:

We're delighted with all the amazing help Matt and Vicki have given us over the years. They've quickly come to a point where they understand more about our branding and internal processes than most of our long-serving employees, so their continual contribution to our company is invaluable.


We were moving all our internal information and wanted to improve all the content. This was a challenging project and we were hugely impressed with how quickly Matt got to grips with everything. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and his work has supported so many people.


We have nothing but praise for the Splash Copywriters team. They found the tone we wanted for our website  immediately and we've seen some amazing results from their copywriting work. They were extremely professional, courteous and dedicated. We'll definitely use their services again.

My Chiropodist

We had the pleasure of working closely with Vicki on creating the copy books for Direct Line's new website launch. Vicki helped us build the structure from scratch and played a big part in bringing our copy strategy to life. She was also meticulous with the details, even when facing the tightest of deadlines.

Direct Line

We used Splash Copywriters to write us a standout press release for our new TV app. They edited all our text strings and played a key role in improving the user experience of the app. Also, they created brand guidelines to ensure that our tone of voice is consistent going forward. We're really pleased with their work.


Working with Matt was a real pleasure. He got what we were after straight away. He was able to offer extraordinary insights into how to position and frame our content in the market. Ultimately, he delivered a brilliant service that was fantastic value for money. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Love Me Beauty

Splash completely grasped the direction that I wanted to go in with my website copy. He understood my goals and created the perfect tone of voice for my brand and wrote some really impressive copy. I've very happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good copywriter who is value for money.

Evermore Global

TalkTalk Business hired Splash Copywriters to use their editorial expertise to review the customer-facing documents we use to advertise our Hosted Contact Centre [HCC] product. It was a very successful and worthwhile project that helped us solve a number of existing internal and external problems.

TalkTalk Business

We asked Splash Copywriters to write some product descriptions for us in the hope that they could increase sales. Their copy was creative and entertaining. More importantly, it made our product lines much more attractive and relevant to our target customers. Quite simply, we are delighted with the results. 

ALM Distribution

It was a pleasure working with Matt at Splash Copywriters - the work he produced was absolutely spot on. He delivered exactly what we required and enabled our project to run smoothly. Basically, Matt is great at SEO copywriting. He aced this job and we'll definitely use him again. We'd certainly recommend him.


Working with Splash Copywriters was a complete pleasure. Because of his research, Matt understood our core values before he even started the work. He created a dynamic tone of voice that completely personifies our company. We'd like to thank Matt for his great work and we would recommend him to anyone.

Little Kickers

We've used Matt a lot to help create content for the Social Media First website and we're extremely happy with his services. His copy is succinct and engaging - when it comes to tapping into what makes our audience tick, we couldn't ask for more. We should also add that he always meets our deadlines, which is vital.

Social Media First

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